About me
My name is Shadrack and I am a rigger and a Dom. I play drums, do tattoos and I am currently building this website. I am easy to get along with and try to please people. I am also fiercely independent and dont like being told what to do. I give everyone respect until they prove themselves unworthy of it and I can forgive mistakes easily and not dwell on the past. My style is somewhat playful and I can take on many roles creatively. I am not malicious and even when I am humiliating or controling someone I am not angry or spiteful. I enjoy giving people what they want or need. I believe in honesty and I seek to live with faithfulness, loyalty and duty, kindness to people and respect, compassion and forgiveness. I can seem agressive and energetic at times but not out of control. I can express myself and I mean what I say. I am genuine and I am not afraid to speak my mind. I read people pretty well and know when to push more or when to lighten up. Submission is not always easy or even fun and requires trust and emotional comfort. I am a caring person full of generosity. I am trustworthy and live with humility and patience. A session may require control, discipline, humiliation, restraint or impact play but should not be abusive to the sub. In fact the subs ability to take pain or torment should leave them feeling strong and proud not scarred. It should relieve there stress and anxiety and help focus their mind. In an ideal circumstance even help them release old emotions from past abuse. I by no means know everything or have seen everything. This is a journey we all take together. After all, the only power a Dom has over you is the power you give to them and when they take that power they become responsible for your well being. Every one has different limits and ideas of what submission is. To some it is highly sexual and to others not sexual in the least. There is a fetish for everything you can imagine. Everyone has them and they are different for each individual . Exploring them only helps you know yourself better (the good and the bad) and knowing yourself, accepting your limitations, pushing your boundries, discovering not only what you enjoy but also trying some things you are unsure about and discovering a part of you that you may not be aware existed or simply finding that your first instinct was right all along gives you a better understanding of You. Accepting who you are and allowing yourself to be whatever that is will make for a richer more possitive experience in life. A Dominant exercises control not by being overbearing or through the use of threats or by belittling another, but by influencing thoughts, desires, needs and hopes. While a Dominant is both authoritarian and powerful, they are ever mindful of those around them. I am intelligent and wise and I know how to be unbiased and fair. People say I would make a great teacher. I am outgoing, sociable, and confident. I dont like jealousy or meaness. I am funny and laugh easily. I like to keep myself healthy and clean. I can be complicated and complex, proud and strong, free and independent, vital and full of life. I am passionate about what I love whether it be music or my family. I am also very affectionate, I love sexuality, sensuality and intimacy and I like to make people happy or take away there stress. I am full of love and I am happy and grateful in spite of all the disappointment and negativity of life. I have a strong sense of devotion. I keep good and lasting friendships. I like to be desired for who I am and what I do. As a rigger I use a talent for tying knots safely and creatively in order to make living art that is aesthetically beautiful, functional and challenges peoples expectations and presumption. I enjoy every bit of it. The concept and design, the knots and ties, the model, the photography, the difficulty, the beauty.
Sarah and I do a suspension show in which we allow some interaction with her while she is submissive to me. This is my favorite as it shows both of our true natures and showcases our talents. It also gives the best peek into our bedroom at home. It is artistic, acrobatic, interactive and so much fun. We both really enjoy doing it as much if not more than the clients.
 I am available as a Dom with Sarah or alone. We work very well together and play off of each other. I strive to understand fully what you want and to give you what you need. I encourage full and honest expression of what your fantasy might be and we can go from there. Some common acts available during a session are Stripping, Lap Dancing, Bondage, Humiliation, Masturbation, Live Sex Show, Massage, Impact play, S&M, Dominance, Submission, Foot Worship, Ball Gags, Choking, Role Play, Collaring, Control, Cosplay, Cuddling, Punishment, Discipline, Pet Play, dynamic bondage, full suspension, bare handed spanking, tickling, crops, whips, We bring a variety of toys and could even perform a live sex show. Pictures and video are allowed and encouraged.
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Master Shadrack